Who is the man behind the big name?

What sets Giancarlo De Berardinis apart from the other hairdressers that put their name on a shop front? This story reads like a tale some hairdressers made up, but it is not. He’s real.

He began cutting hair at the age of sixteen, while training and working in Milan. Once he honed his craft his brother enticed him to move to Canada and help him open and run a chain of elite spas and salons. Establishing himself as an industry leader, Giancarlo De Berardinis quickly move towards the forefront of the beauty industry in Canada. Intercoiffeur, a prestigious international hairdressing association, recognized Giancarlo as one of the industry’s finest and he served as an active part of the Intercoiffeur for over ten years.

With his experience, CFTO a television station in Toronto approached Giancarlo about being a television personality doing a make-over show entitled “Giancarlo’s Make-Overs”
which was such a hit; it ran for over ten years. With all his publicity, large companies like Johnson & Johnson, Pantene and L’Oreal asked Giancarlo to be the spokesperson for their new up and coming products. He was fearless, innovatively shaping any ones hair who sat beneath his hands. Isabella Rossellini, Sophia Loren, Rita Pavone, Linda Evangelista and Paula Zahn are just a few women who wore styles of Giancarlo.

The perfect addition to any good story is the end- this is where Giancarlo was internationally recognized for his outstanding excellence receiving the academy award of hairdressing call the Rene Rambaud award.

When you talk to Giancarlo he is quietly planning your future haircut in his head. He never stops working on fresher, more innovative ideas in hairstyling. His passion goes beyond the hairdressing world and stretches throughout the entire beauty industry. He has such consistency and drive that this power keeps his career soaring forward. Always searching and appreciating NEW, Giancarlo De Berardinis really does deserve such big name.


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